Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Private Plane Hypocricy

I struggled with whether to post this video or not. In all honesty, it feels like one of those "60 Minutes" pieces that is trying to convince you that something is wrong versus simply stating the facts. Then I thought about how the Senators and the media jumped on the private plane story during the auto industry bailout, and thought it was fair game. Plus, it mentioned both a Republican (from Texas no less!) and a Democrat, so it reinforces my argument that the waste in our government is spread across both parties equally.

The arguments supporting the whole private plane thing typically revolve around two concepts. First, many times it may be the only way to be efficient with their time. And trust me, since I'm paying their salary, I want them to be efficient. The other line of reasoning is so they can get out and talk to everyone in their state, which I also understand. I'm guessing many of our government leaders tend to default towards the convenience of private air travel, even when unnecessary. You want to talk to the people? Hang out in the airport bar while you flight is delayed for the 3rd time. You will get to talk to many constituents.

View the video here.

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