Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bribes in the Health Care Bill

From Nebraska's WOWT.com -

"In addition to Sen. Nelson's special deal, the (Mike) Johanns news release contained the following items as examples of special deals that have been struck in order to secure votes for the bill.

Eliminating or reducing the Medicaid unfunded mandate on Nebraska, Vermont, and Massachusetts (starting on page 96, line 9)

Exempting certain health insurance companies in Nebraska and Michigan from taxes and fees (starting on page 367, line 6)

Providing automatic Medicare coverage for anyone living in Libby, Montana (starting on page 194 – section 10323)

Earmarking $100 million for a “Health Care Facility” reportedly in Connecticut (starting on page 328)

Giving special treatment to Hawaii’s Disproportionate Share Hospitals (starting on page 101, line 6)

Boosting reimbursement rates for certain hospitals in Michigan and Connecticut (starting on page 174 – section 10317)

Mandating special treatment for hospitals in “Frontier” States like Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Wyoming (starting on page 208 -- Sec 10324)"

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