Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Fair Tax

How would you feel if the IRS did not exist? How would the time you spend around April 15th change? Do you know how much you pay in taxes, or do you just know how much you owe on April 15th? Did you know that if you submitted 10 sets of information to 10 sets of IRS agents, you would get 10 different answers as to the taxes owed?

Let me ask you one question. Why is the tax code so complex? Was Tom Daschle a crook, or was he just unable to maneuver through the complicated tax code? Is it possible that the reason the tax code is so complex is to confuse the citizens as to how much they are giving the government?

I have been doing plenty of research on the concept of "The Fair Tax." Now, don't be confused by the name. Many things are not fair. Is it fair that if you sell your home for $499,999 over the amount you paid, you owe no tax, but if you happened to be fortunate enough to sell it for $500,001 over the purchase price, taxes are owed? Of course not, but this is the system we live under. Nothing in a country of 200+ million will be fair to everybody. All we can hope for is that it is fair to a majority of the citizens.

I will probably be writing a few posts about the fair tax over the past few weeks. Let me give you a few links to learn more about the concept.

On March 17th, a special order was presented in the US House of Representatives. You can view the video here. I would recommend skipping the first 4 minutes, as that part seems a little too political to me. Also, check out the website. I'm not saying you have to agree, just give it a chance.

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